Some popular AI courses for beginners

For beginners interested in learning about Artificial Intelligence (AI), there are several popular courses available that provide a solid foundation in the field. Here are some of the top courses you might consider:

  1. AI for Everyone by DeepLearning.AI on Coursera: This course introduces AI, its applications in business, and its impact on society1.
  2. Building Generative AI Skills for Business Professionals on LinkedIn: Learn how to generate prompts and use generative AI for writing, research, and creating AI-generated images2.
  3. Introduction to Generative AI by Google Cloud: Offers an overview of generative AI, large language models, and using AI responsibly1.
  4. AI for Business Specialization by the University of Pennsylvania: Covers AI fundamentals, applications in marketing finance, and people management2.
  5. AI Foundations for Everyone by IBM: Provides an introduction to AI, IBM Watson, and creating a chatbot with Watson1.
  6. The Ethics of AI by the University of Helsinki: Focuses on AI ethics, accountability, transparency, and human rights2.
  7. Increase productivity using AI by Zapier: Teaches how to craft powerful prompts and pair automation with AI2.

These courses are designed for beginners and offer a range of perspectives on AI, from technical skills to ethical considerations. They are a great starting point for anyone looking to understand the basics of AI and its applications. Happy learning!

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